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The International Students Association (ISA) is a group students from different Nationalities, Cultures and Colours wholeheartedly determined to attain the peak of excellence in their moral, spiritual, political, cultural and intellectual endeavours. 

ISA comprises of Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate international Students of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), Sunyani, who have a common goal of acquiring knowledge outside their home countries and are anxious to promote peace and unity among themselves and their hosts.

The vision of the UENR- International Students’ Association is to create a home setting for all

international students at UENR by promoting diversity in tradition, education and democracy

while respecting the culture of our beloved host country Ghana within the university.

The mission of UENR- International Students Association is to:

  1. Encourage and enhance interaction among international students at UENR
  2. Motivate International Students to adapt to their new environment.

Support international Students in their endeavours in the University community and their stay in Ghana

The ISA objectives are:

To unify and integrate all international students. 

To promote the general welfare of all international students on UENR campus.

To promote academic excellence among all international students. 

To create interaction between different nationalities in the sub-region, Africa and the world. 

To promote peaceful co-existence between ISA and their Ghanaian counterparts.

Moustafa Acakpo


Moustafa Acakpo


Charles Kaboré

General Secretary

Victorine Koala

Financial secretary

Ramata Ouedraogo


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