International Relations Office

Health & Safety

International students should be mindful of their movements, especially, at night, since they do not really know their way around. Students are encouraged to always carry their student's ID and Non citizenship ID cards anything in relation to health with them. For example personal first aid, Personal/Health Insurance ID cards, etc. Be careful of the people you mingle with, especially now, in this era of Global Pandemic. More about students’ safety is discussed during orientation.

Your Health

UENR offers emergency support to all International students

  • The bottle water and sachet water are safe for drinking
  • Malaria is common in Ghana. It is advisable that you have a treated mosquito net.
  • Be vaccinated if you are coming from a yellow-fever-endemic country. Do come along with your proof of vaccination.
  • The University has a Clinic. You should visit there first, in case you do not feel well.
Your Safety
  • Do not keep huge sums of money on you. Desist from showing of your valuables in plain sight.
  • If you are walking late on campus and you do not feel safe, call 0505776955
  • Keep your important documents in a safe place and carry around copies of your passport, visa and identification documents.
  • Do not drink and drive or go into a car driven by someone who has been drinking.
Student Wellness Service/Counselling

Students should visit the University Counselling Unit when experiencing any form of emotional, physical, or any other issues.

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